Thursday, November 27, 2014

Being Anti-Social By Leigh K. Cunningham

"Experience," says Oscar Wilde "is of no ethical value - it is merely the name given to our mistakes."

It seems odd to me that individuals are born into a relationship with others, and are bound together for life by an indiscernible and enduring umbilical cord.  They were there in the beginning before husbands, friends, or anyone else.  They saw you in your pajamas, knew when you had new ones, slept beside you in a caravan bunk, and scared you with horror stories.  They were with you when the guinea pigs had babies and when they died.  They fought with you over whose turn it was to wipe up, set the table, put away.  They blamed you when the fish died from over-feeding or starvation, and waited impatiently with you Christmas morning...They laughed at your measles, but bought you flat lemonade when you were sick.  They threw rocks at your window when you were grounded to be sure you knew how great it was to be on the outside.  They lined up beside you Saturday morning for pocket money distribution, and led you in the rebellion against tyranny when the work-for-pay rule was introduced....They teased you for every schoolyard crush and wrote you fake love letters from your wannabe boyfriend.  They laughed when you rode your bike into the mango tree then carried you home for repairs.  They were there, brothers and sisters, to witness the earliest part of a life and the foundations of a future not yet known to anyone.

I am noy only the bad from my past, I am the good as well, and if I do not let go of the past, it will roll over me until I am dirt in the earth.

Everyone knows romance does not last forever, but the truth does.

It is okay to remember, even though it brings pain and no hope of change, for that is what we must do.