Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Beautiful Truth
By Eileen Stoeklin

"..why did that happen to me tonight? It seems that no matter how hard I try, I just can't have joy in my life. Why is that?.."Trinity said while sniffling.

"Oh, my dear child, you have joy. God gives it out equally to all. It's us that either accepts or denies it."

"How can you say that? Look at me and my life, where is this joy that you are talking about?"

"I promise you, it's there. The problem is you're looking for it in the wrong place. It's not in a physical world or body, it never has been and never will be. Physical beauty is a fleeting illusion."

"Wealth and beauty do not bring happiness, but neither does poverty nor ugliness. So, if happiness is not in those things or in the lack of them, then it must be someplace else."

...I only found joy when I realized that happiness was not dependent on anything outside of me."

"Then if it's not in the way you look or what you have, what is it?"

"It's constantly being aware of the good that you do have, and learning to be content with simple things. It's in forgetting the past, and giving up on trying to change the things that you can't. It's in discovering new things, and achieving whatever it is you set out to do, and the greatest of all, it's in trying to add joy and happiness to someone else's life. The people I've met that do those things, to me are the most beautiful and rich people I know."

"I loved you even when I couldn't see you, then the first time I saw you I loved you more, and the second time even more, and so on.....Not because of the way you looked or didn't, but because you trusted me with your deepest self. That is to me what true beauty and love is. It's when you can be exaclty who you are around the person you love, and have them still love you."

"Take My Hand"
I found the strength to carry through
then found the door that led to you
In the darkness of my soul
You lit my path and made me whole
Rid your doubts and rid your fears
Let go of sadness wipe your tears
Find my cause and set me free
Take my hand and marry me.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground
By Rosemary Fifield

I think you're someone with a lot of baggage who's a really good person and wants to do the right thing but has a lot of conflicts. I think you've made mistakes in your life that you feel you can't get past, but you need to so you can be happy. I think you have a good heart. You love your family. But you need to be free of them at the same time. You want to be successful on your own, and you don't want to depend on anybody else for that.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Broken Wings
By Alexandrea Weis

You will never be a burden to anyone who loves you.

He was a handsome man, she decided, and wondered why she had never thought of him as attractive before. His looks were more suited for a man of adventure rather than a model or actor. He appeared to be someone who should be flying planes or, at least, jumping out of them. His eyes were the only part of his features that she found unsettling. The darkness of them seemed to hint at some hidden pain behind his welcoming smile. Like he had been to hell, and the visions he had seen there were still burning through his soul. She found it odd how you can look into a person's face a thousand times, and then suddenly, one day, you glance over and feel as though you are seeing them for the very first time.

She had attached herself to some place deep inside of his heart, a place he had not dared to visit for a very long time. He knew from that moment on his life would never be the same.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Love Undercover By Larry Johnson

Love is a decision, not just a feeling. It is a very powerful force, creating wonderful relationships and situations from seemingly impossible ones. What appears to be a disaster can be changed in a moment to the reality of a dream. You simply make the decision to believe in the reality of that dream and don't let go.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ain't Love Grand
By Dana Taylor

"I never know what you're going to do or say next....When I'm with you I feel..I feel..needy. I've never needed anyone before. I've never wanted anyone like I want you...When you're with me you fill in gaps I didn't even know were there. Today you made my house come alive, and now it will feel empty if you're not there."

"So, what's the problem?" I whispered.

"The problem is I know you're going to change everything in my life. It will be busier and brighter and spinning out of control. And, I don't have any choice because I love you and want you and need you and you're not going anywhere except home with me."

"Don't I have any say in the matter?"


Warm emotion bubbled up from my stomach and into my throat. I threw back my head and let the laughter loose. He loved me! I reached my arms around his neck and pulled him down into a joyful kiss. He really loved me.

At first, his response was restrained. Then, suddenly, he let himself go, whipped his arms around my back and joyfully returned my kisses.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

By Diana Murdock

"My mother once told me it is best to live in the moment, for we do not have the past or the future. But, Jonathan, if I were given the choice to which moment to live in, I would be hard-pressed to decide. Any moment with you would be heaven. What I found with you leaves me bittersweet memories, but I have no regrets."